This means war!!!!

14 Jul

So as the maid of honor at my friends wedding I have begun planning the bridal shower.

I asked all the other ladies what day would be good for them and I vetoed suggestions made by the FMIL (future mother in law).

Now the bride and one of the bridesmaids have not been speaking and today I get an e-mail, from that same bridesmaid, saying that she has decided to throw a co-ed party on a day that I’m busy (because she did not think to ask me and then says in the e-mail…

“It’s going to be pretty informal (which is actually the shower I loved the most when I got married.)”

Well you know what? GO F@&# YOURSELF!

So now I really need this shower to be PERFECT because I want to show her who she is dealing with.

I need help ladies! I hate all those shower games so we have to come up with something totally awesome!

So far the food will be ALL her favorite foods, Margarita’s (also her favorite), a trivia game (I asked the bride and groom to answer the same questions about each other, to compare), a recipe book full of recipes written by her family and friends, a table cloth signed by all the women at the shower offering well wishes.

I need more stuff…I was thinking about showing the video we made from Camp Letts in middle school, and then I’m not sure what else? I was thinking a “photo booth” would be fun, but I would need a wall to do it on, props, and a Polaroid camera.

There has got to be something else? What am I missing, what can I add? Please help!

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