07 Aug

So I went to the doctor, he has no idea what is wrong. He gave me a medication for the stomach spasms and told me to take Tylenol extra strength, but that he did not want to give me any narcotics so that if the pain got worse I would know.

So far I’m not getting as many spasms and the ones I am getting aren’t as sharp, but now I feel the pain when I move a certain way, and the tension from all the pain is sitting in my back and really hurts.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Winchester to do a site visit with Lauren for her wedding and then I have to go looking for a new home, instead of closing on the condo like I thought I would be.

I also have to go bridal shower shopping for Lauren’s gift as well as for all the food for the shower on Sunday and all the decorations (yes, I have to drive to Winchester again on Sunday. yuck)

My boss and co-worker think I have an ulcer, that is so not funny!

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