dresses for women with large chests!

09 Sep

I was reading one of my many wedding blogs today and one of the brides gave a few dress options for her bridesmaids. Let me tell you girls, if you are getting married and are picking a dress for your bridesmaids here are a few rules you can follow if you have girls in your wedding party with large breasts.

1. An empire waist is ALMOST always flattering; just make sure that there is enough fabric between the neckline and the waistline. Having the empire waist hit you in the middle of the boob is NEVER flattering.

2. Spaghetti straps make wearing a bra with straps impossible and many dresses with spaghetti straps do not conceal a strapless bra very well, especially one in a size that would accommodate a larger chest.

3. Strapless is fine, as long as the front of the dress comes up high enough to cover a very good strapless bra (these bras often have large cups that come up pretty high in the chest).

4. Just because the dress has a high neckline and straps that are wide enough to cover bra straps, does not mean that the dress is perfect, a high neckline can often mean a low cut back. Low cut backs and bras do not work together!

5. Last, but not least, forget a plunge neckline! Plunge bras do not exist for large breasted women. Any bigger than a DD and your pretty much out of luck, I should know I’m a G = DDDD!

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