What we ended up doing Saturday night…

22 Sep

We did indeed end up going to the Melting pot. There were 7 girls in all. We decided to get cheese, salad, and chocolate only because one of the girls was a vegetarian and could not stand to cook her vegetables in the same pot as the meats and because it would be easier on the wallet. Dinner was nice. The waiter gave Shroomy a copy of the new Melting Pot cook book and gave me a brand new shaker of garlic and wine seasoning.

After dinner most of the girls bailed and Shroomy, Crystal (Shroomy’s cousin) and I went to the American Tap Room. We had a great time. We took a ton of pictures of Shroomy with a bunch of random guys. And some creepy guy bought us drinks. I had two shots of Tequila and a beer and then I was done because I had to drive the girls back to my house. We were the last ones out of the bar at 2am when it closed.

Because of a mix up about who was driving who home, Pete, the groom to be, had to drive to my house at 2am from Winchester to pick up Shroomy and Crystal, so they finally left at 3ish and I went to bed.

The whole night Shroomy wore a veil (no it did not have penises on it!), a garter on top of her jeans on each leg, and a flashing sash that read Miss Outta Control Bachlorette. Hopefully she will give me some of the pictures so I can post them here.

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