A tale of BFF’s

25 Sep

I find myself very fortunate to have not one, but several BFF’s. so often during conversations with acquaintances I just use the term “best friend” as in “my best friend and I went to Starbucks” I rarely use names, so I can only imagine that most people think that I have one best friend that I always talk about, when in fact it’s really three people.

Veritablerika and I grew up on the same street. She and I became friend when I was still in catholic school. To the best of my knowledge we were around 7. We used to always watch Disney musicals and sing together. Later we ended up singing in choir together through high school.

The Pink Pen and I grew up in the same neighborhood and met one fateful day at the neighborhood pool. I think we were about 9. We used to play with her American girl dolls and make up stories about ghost in the basement.

The three of us have been very close for a very long time and I count them as family. Veritablerika now lives about 4 hours away give or take depending on traffic, and The Pink Pen has recently moved to NYC. I miss them both but we still talk, IM, and e-mail.

And then there was Shroomy. Shroomy and I met on the last day of the seventh grade and were inseparable until she moved an hour away after the 8th grade. She and I have continued to remain close and still finish our sentences when together. I will be standing up next to her at her wedding next month as her MOH.

I also have some “best” guy friends and a few other girls, but when I talk about these people I use their names “my best friend (insert name here)”

The best part is that almost all of my friends get along and for the most part our significant others have been welcomed into the group with open arms. I feel blessed to have such great friends!

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