The Dreaded Toast

15 Oct

I started writing my toast for Shroomy’s wedding a few months ago, last night I realized I really need to finish it because the wedding is just a few days away. I can’t believe on Saturday she is getting married. It seems like only yesterday we were in middle school.

I wanted my speech to be unique and different. I thought maybe I could do something like this scene from Love Actually…

But I realized that I don’t think I can say everything I want to with cardboard.

Russ thought that maybe I should use a toaster and make them some toast, I liked the idea and thought maybe I could try to keep my speech under the amount of time it would take to make toast. This is when I really wished that I had a toaster that toasted hearts onto the bread. But the logistics of this I don’t think will work.

Russ also suggested using the card idea, but writing the whole thing like I was sending her a Text. Funny, but again I don’t think it will convey my sentiments correctly.

I wrote something that is very much your typical wedding toast. It still needs a little work but it’s decent. It’s just not the amazing toast I had in mind. I’m not a really funny person so trying to inject humor into my speech I think is maybe a bad idea. I spent most of last night watching wedding speeches on you tube with no real luck.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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