Shroomy gets married!

23 Oct
Well it really happened. Shroomy is now married!

Friday I got to Winchester around 2:30. We had enough time to hang out for a little while before having to go to the rehearsal. It was freezing and we ran through it as fast as possible. Then we went to this place called Historic Berkley Springs. It used to be a monastery. This is where we had the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was very nice. The food was good, the company was excellent, and the bride and groom were happy.

After the rehearsal Shroomy and I went back to her mom’s house to re-steam the dress, print the programs, and finish her vows.

It was after 3 when we finally got to her house and went to bed. Her eye had gotten puffy and we had to send her future husband out to get her some cream for it. She was up by 7:30 am so neither one of us got much sleep. We showered and got dressed and picked up one of the bridesmaids on the way to the salon. I dropped them off and then went and bought bagels. I took the bagels back to the salon and then went to her mom’s house to pick up the veil and her cousin. I took the veil and her cousin to the salon. Then I left again and went in search of 8 matching patina shawls, it had been so cold we decided we needed something. i could not find 8 matching ones so a bought a few different kinds. I looked in 4 stores before deciding on 4 shawls from target and 4 from TJ Max. then I went back to the salon. This time it was time for my hair. I had her straighten it and put some curl in. she pulled my hair back on the side and voila! I had canceled my two nail appointments and I’m glad I did because I ran around doing errands all morning. When my hair was done Shroomy realized that the isle runner was in the trunk of her car so I drove to her house and got the runner and drove back to the salon to pick her and her cousin up and take them to the site to start getting dressed.

We girls got dressed and then we dressed Shroomy. We took some group photos before the wedding and then headed off to the ceremony. Shroomy and I almost cried while we were waiting to go down the isle, but we kept it together. It was so cold that the bridesmaid next to me was shivering. But we got through it and it was lovely.

After the ceremony we took the group shots and then went to the reception.

They introduced all of us and then the happy couple danced their first dance as man and wife. This is when I lost it. I tried to hide behind my masquerade mask but I was biting my tongue to keep from crying so my face was just twitching. I calmed down a little after all the required dances and then I went and got a drink and sat with Russ and my family.

We danced a lot and sadly I did not have time to enjoy all the awesome cheese including but not limited to brie and cranberries, smoked gouda, gorgonzola, aged gouda, goat cheese…the list goes on and on.

It was finally time for my toast and although my hand was shaking like a leaf I got through it without breaking down. We danced until it was time to go. We packed all the gifts into my car, I got her undressed, and then Russ and I drove to there house to unload the gifts and take care of their dog.

At 6:30 the next morning a limo picked them up and drove them to BWI where they boarded a flight to Orlando. On Tuesday they swam with the dolphins at discovery cove. I can’t wait to see pictures!

BTW did i mention i caught the Bouquet? that makes two now!

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