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So yesterday I found this at Cafe Press and sent it to the Pink Pen just because I thought it was funny. If you don’t get it it’s because it’s a Twilight thing and unless you read the books or saw the movie, you wouldn’t understand.

And then this morning the license plate on the car in front of me read…

MCSQBA = McScuba

sorry I did not have enough time to take a picture.

But he had a dive sticker that confirmed my suspicions.

I think it’s funny that Grey’s Anatomy fans have taken the McDreamy, McSteamy, McMansion, idea and run with it.

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more pictures coming soon…
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Underpaid and Underappreciated!

So when a volunteer tells you how much more important he is to the conference several times, you start to think “what the F&%$ am I doing here?”

Not only has that happened several times but because I am in charge of the operations office I have no idea who is doing what and when my boss asked me if I had checked on the breakfast for our councils I told her no, and that I was not sure who did but that I was told not to move from this office so I obviously could not check on breakfast.

So as breakfast way ending and my boss was sitting reading her black berry I asked her if I could go get some food. She said that she will have to find someone else because she is too busy. So one kind soul in the room offered to stay while I got food. By the time I got there, there was nothing left.

So I spent the morning quite hungry. Around lunch time the above volunteer was in the office and I asked if he would mind sitting in the office while I grabbed some food, he said he was too busy.

The kind soul from before left and got me some food. This tied me over until I was able to go get food myself. But seriously people?

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Beverly Hills, thats where i want to be…

Actually i want to be at home with my Boyfriend on his birthday and in my house but instead i’m going to LA to work our Global Warfare Symposium.

i’ll be at the Beverly Hilton if you need me.

i promise house pics are coming soon. i was in Phoenix last weekend and now i’m leaving for LA and i have been crazy busy!

more posts soon i promise, just not til next week! damn business trip!

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