Test Drive

27 Jan

So today was my first adventure driving in snow in the convertible. It was not so good.

The neighborhood was a bit slick but once I made it to the toll road I was fine. I dropped Russ off at the metro and proceeded as usual to work. Big mistake. You see I usually take the back roads to avoid the traffic jam that usually forms in front of my office. To get to my office I have to make a left hand turn that goes up while facing a downward hill. Instead of making that turn this morning I skidded all the way down the hill to 29 and had to find another way to work. I thought I was going to die considering that there were cars on 29 and I was not sure if I could stop and there were cars parked on the side of the road that I almost crashed into.

Bellow is an aerial view of my last mile or so to work. The pink line is the commute I make every morning and the yellow line is what happened today. the star is my office

Bottom line I need a different car. I miss my Land Rover so much. I am hoping I can work from home tomorrow if we do not close.

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