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I have not been on a vacation in over two years and it’s starting to show.

My problem is I need to save up vacation time and money for a trip I am planning to New Zealand sometime next year.

So far my ideas are…

Ashville NC

Myrtle Beach SC

Salem MA

Austin TX

Seattle WA

New York NY

Las Vegas NV

I’ve been to Miami more times than I can count and I have no interest in Disney this time around.

So reader’s do you have any fabulous ideas of where I should go? Do you know someone with a vacation home/ timeshare for rent? Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Thursday Night Line Up

I have always watched a lot of TV, and probably always will, but this is ridiculous.

On Thursday nights I already watch:

Ugly Betty

Grey’s Anatomy

Private Practice

Hells Kitchen

And now The Mentalist???? That’s right The Mentalist is moving to Thursday nights.

That’s 5 hours of TV on Thursday alone. Better yet they all air during a 3 hour period!

What happens when one show has a two hour special? My DVR will explode and so will my brain from all the drama.


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How do you Fondue?

I love the melting pot. and i probably go there too often and spend too much money when i go. but when i tell people they need to try it they get a bit nervous about what to order. so the following is what i usually order when i go. but i have tried almost everything on the menu so if you are wondering about trying something just ask.

Cheese: i LOVE blue cheese so naturally the Wisconsin Trio is my favorite.
Salad: i love the sweet house dressing.
Signature Selection: the Teriyaki and shrimp are my favorite. also don’t forget your entree comes with bottomless veggies (the mushrooms and green goddess sauce are my favorite)
Coq au Vin: i like this cooking style the best because of the added wine and garlic.
Flaming Turtle: there is nothing better than caramel, pecans, and chocolate to dip your bananas  in.

As a special treat here is the recipe for the Wisconson Trio…

Wisconson Trio

1 ½ cups (6 ounces) shredded Butterkase cheese
1 ½ cups (6 ounces) shredded Fontina cheese
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
¾ cup white wine
¼ cup dry sherry
2 teaspoons chopped shallots
1 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
¼ cup crumbled Blue cheese
2 tablespoons chopped scallions

Toss the Butterkase and Fontina cheese with the flour in a bowl. Place a metal bowl over a saucepan filled with 2 inches of water. You may also use a conventional double boiler. Bring the water to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to medium and pour the white wine and sherry into the bowl. Stir in the shallots using a fork. Cook for 30 seconds, stirring constantly.

Add half the cheese blend and cook until the cheese is melted, stirring constantly. Add the remaining cheese blend in a small amount at a time, stirring constantly in a circular motion after each addition until the cheese is melted. Fold in the pepper and Blue cheese. Pour into a warm fondue pot and keep warm over low heat. Garnish with the scallions.

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Dresses From Nordstroms

I was bored the other day and found these at the blue one if you remember is one of the ones i bought and returned for my best friends wedding. i like that the bride could wear the white one to match. i would so wear it to my wedding if i was taller ( i would have to cut off some of the beading to wear it even in heels) and if my boobs fit into it. i really love the grey dress it’s very grecian goddess, and of corse i love green hence the green silk dress.

that is all.
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I don’t do vomit…

So remember I said I took Friday off work? I did and it was a very nice day with the Empress and a very nice evening which included dinner and a movie with some of the usual gang.

After the movie which ended at around 1:30am i had a feeling that I should swing by my parent’s house. My mom was in Miami and my dad had decided to extend his trip to Cincinnati.  The boys had told me that they were cooking dinner with a friend, when I walked into the kitchen the house was dark and quiet and there was a mess of dirty pots and pans and dishes but nothing alarming. And then upon further inspection of the kitchen I found a pink cell phone, earrings, flip flops and a girl’s purse. Shit.

I went upstairs and found that the light was on in the hallway bathroom and someone had been in the “man cave” the futon was open and there was a box of condoms. There was also another pink phone and another purse. Shit again.

I walked into B’s room (the younger of my two brothers) and tried to wake him up, he started talking to me incoherently but I though nothing of it because he was a sleep. the only light I had was my cell phone and the hallway light but I noticed something weird on his face “B did you throw up?” “yeah in the back yard”

I walked through the connecting bathroom into my other brother’s room, OMG he’s in bed with a blond. Thankfully he has a shirt on. “K wake up” I slapped his face, pinched his arm and did everything I could to wake him up. K is the soundest sleeper I know and every morning is a hassle to get him out of bed. A walked back to B’s room through the bathroom and by this time Russ has turned on the light. Shit shit shit!!!

B had thrown up in his bed. And was not only covered in it, so was his pillow that he was laying on and the bed was soaked though. Now for anyone who knows me you would know that I DON’T DO VOMIT…well this time I did.

By this time J (K’s friend I don’t like, who had been in the bathroom with the other girl) comes into the hallway and I ask him to take B and put him in the shower. I stripped the bed and went downstairs to put the stuff in the washer.

Meanwhile B takes his shower and then lays down naked on his wet mattress and goes back to bed. I had to ask K, Russ, and J to move him to the futon in the “man cave” and put a trash can near him.

I eventually went home sometime after 3am and realized I had left my cell. Russ and I got back in the car. We decided that we should probably sleep at the house anyway. When I got to the house the kids were now sitting around the kitchen table eating leftovers from dinner. I switched the laundry, found my phone and laid down in my parents bed with Russ. I could not sleep but Russ was out almost immediately. I got up and finished the laundry and washed up the dishes. When I finally went to bed it was 5am.

When I woke up in the morning I kept think of the song “Oh what a night”


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I really need to carry my camera around with me to show you lots of fun stuff but I’m just not that kind of person. I’ll work on it though I promise.

Things are a bit crazy on the home front. My grandmother is in hospice care, my grand father is recovering from a quadruple bypass, my mom went to Miami do be with my grandfather, and I am cooking dinner everyday for my dad and brothers. On top of that one of my tires is flat and needs to be replaced so I have been driving Russ’s car.

Last night Russ’s softball team was scheduled to play, like always they did not have enough girls and like always asked me to play. I usually say yes but last night I had plans and said no. they had to forfeit the game. It really makes me mad that I’m the one that always gets stuck in the middle. I did not volunteer to play, and I have expressed my dislike of softball several times. So why then do I feel bad saying no when it’s not my fault that the girls on their team are always bailing?

Instead of going to watch the game like planned with the Empress, we decided to go for sushi buffet which was oh so good and then walked around the town center for a bit.

Tonight I am going to happy hour at the Melting Pot with the girls, then home for dinner with Russ and then to the Empress’s house to watch the finally of Grey’s Anatomy. Grab your tissue box your going to need it!

My dad has a one day business trip tomorrow and that means that Russ and I might stay at my parent’s house tonight to make sure the boys get out of bed and make it to school on-time in the morning.

i have tommorrow off of work to hang out with the Empress and get some other stuff done. 

have a great weekend everyone!

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Life is Crap!

I think i need this t-shirt!

Visit for your very own Life is Crap t-shirt.
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