I love Project Runway

16 Sep

When the 2nd season of Project Runway premiered a group of my girl friends and I decided that every Thursday night at 10 pm we would get together to watch..

For years Thursday night during the PR season meant wine, cheese, girls and lots of PR drama.

This season started off much the same. I was so excited because a few of my friends had moved closer to me and would be able to make it. We had five girls, lots of cheese, several bottles of wine and what I considered a very successful evening.

Well since that night most of the group has bailed, some because of school, others because of work, and some just because.

Last week I hardly saw Russ let alone had free time, but I still made time for Project Runway. I was tired, I had just come back from visiting a friend in the hospital and I only saw PW with one other girl but it was a lovely time. This time with no wine due to the fact that my friend was on medication, but we had a ton of cheese, fruit, and fig preserve. Yum!

Project Runway Night for me is not just about the show. It’s a time to relax with the girls, unwind with a glass of wine, and eat some great cheese. But it seems like the tradition of making it into more of an event than a show may be dying. People have other things to do and other people to see. I’ll be fine watching alone, but it will never be the same.

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