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Give Blood

Today at 1pm i will be giving blood at work.

I encourage the rest of you to do the same sometime soon.

that is all.
UPDATE: they turned me away because my hemoglobin was 12.4 not 12.5. thats crap!
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In over my head

OMG i have so much work that i’m having to delegate it to my boss and co-workers. on Thursday i am leaving for Chicago on a business trip and need to have everything done for two simultaneous conferences both in Chicago, and i am the lead planner for both meetings.

At least by Sunday night two of my meetings will be over and i can focus on my huge conference when i get back. The Saturday after thanksgiving i will be going back to Chicago to run 40+ meetings over the course of six days.
i know i have been remiss in my posting. to tell the truth i have written several posts and deleted all of them. i have a lot to say, some of which is not mine to tell and the rest of which i don’t think is interesting enough for anyone to care.
Ok i worked a 10 hour day and need to go to bed and do it all again in the morning. wish me luck this week. i’m going to need it.
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that was rude.

Today I went to La Madeline for lunch. It was very crowded and I found a 2 person table that still had dishes on it, to sit at. In front of me were 3 men at a table for 6 but they were having a business meeting and their things were spread out. Because there was a lack of tables an older lady (70’s or so) put her tray down at the table invited her friend over (also in her 70’s) and proceeded to eat their lunch. They did this without asking. You could tell the men were very confused as to what to do with the women. I quickly finished most of my lunch stacked my dishes and told the ladies that I was leaving and that they could have my table.

Etiquette lesson #1:Barging into someone’s business meeting is never acceptable, no matter how old you are. Ask before sitting down at a table with others at it. It’s common courtesy people!

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