17 Dec

A few years ago I did the Six Word Diet (6WD) and it worked great.

The 6 words?

Eat 100 Calories Every 90 Minutes

For me it was great, I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I ate a very small portion.

I lost over 10 lbs in a week which is ridiculous. Now it’s not really healthy to loose that much in a week but I have a very slow metabolism and this diet jump starts it hence the almost immediate loss of weight.

There are many ways to modify the diet and if you want to read more about it you can download the book at

The last time I did this diet I modified it two ways. I could eat whatever I wanted on the weekend (Friday night to Sunday night) and to make it a bit more convenient I ate 175 calories every 2 hours.

If you are an exerciser or a muscular person you can eat up to 100 calories every hour but the weight loss will not be as rapid.

I like to use the trick from the lady’s at cook yourself thin take the weight you want to be and multiply by 10 and that’s the number of calories you should eat everyday. I would like to weigh 140lb’s so I need to eat 1400 calories everyday. During my day I have to eat 8 small meals if I am eating every two hours so if I divided 1400 by 8 = 175 calories per meal.

I have decided to start again after the holidays. And this time I don’t think I’m going to take weekends off although it depends on how fast I am loosing weight.

The hardest part was coming up with different meals so that I did not get bored, packing everything for work (5 of my meals will be eaten at work), and not eating myself stupid when I get home at night.

So until January I’m going to work on figuring out meals with approximately 175 calories in them. Using foods that can be packed the night before, and coming up with something to distract me from eating too much at home.

Some of my favorite foods that you can eat a lot of on this diet are: asparagus (26 sticks!), popcorn, sweet potato, mushrooms, and shrimp. So it’s really not that bad. There are no restrictions on what I can have so if I want a donut, or mac and cheese, or spaghetti that’s fine. It’s all about portion control and making your body think that it’s feasting not fasting.

If anyone decides to do this with me let me know because I could always use someone to bounce meal ideas off of. Happy shrinking!

* NOTE: I am NOT being compensated to talk about the Six Word Diet.

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