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New Banner

Thank you to Lauren of LFB Photography and Design for the new Festive Banner. With her help i plan to have a new banner for every season.

Check out her awesome Etsy shop at
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I’m not taking them off unless i want to!

i saw this picture on today.

I personally think that it is rude for people to force guests to take off their shoes when you invite them to your house.

what if they have smelly feet, holes in their socks, or ugly feet and feel self conscious about them? you don’t want to make your guests feel uncomfortable. if they want to take them off thats one thing, but don’t give them an ultimatum.

As far as i can tell the person who made this sign is an Asshat.

that is all.

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I can’t believe that just happened!

So today kinda sucked. It started out fine. I got up went to the orthopedics office and was told that my appointment was for tomorrow. So I got an appointment at an office across the street for 3:45 today and cancelled the appointment for tomorrow.

So I got to work late, my hand was hurting, and there was not much I could do.

At 3:00 I left work, got my X-rays from the hospital, and went to the ortho’s office.

He came in, took one look at my x-ray, said it was a tendon problem and decided what I needed was a Cortisone shot, no problem, I’m good with needles.

He jabs a 2 inch needle that is really thick into my wrist in several directions and all the way in. no problem. It oozed white from the numbing medication he had added to the needle. Again no problem.

I grabbed my stuff walked into the hall and promptly passed out on the floor; thank god the doctor caught me before my head hit the floor. My color came back, I drank water, and left.

WTF? I have no idea what happened.

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saturday snow

Today it snowed in Northern Virginia. I woke up and the trees were beautiful and the day was still and magical.

We had no food in the house and plans to go to Costco. My parents picked us up and we went to Dunkin Donuts in 4 inches of snow and slush. We got coffee and donuts and went to the high school around the corner to wait for my brother to get out of the SAT’s. There was no snow on the ground when he left for the exam at 7am and we were worried he would not know how to drive home in the snow. So we sat in the car and ate donuts and talked for over 2 hours. My dad would periodically get out of the car and clean my brothers car and help all the other kids leaving clean there cars too (he’s kind of awesome that way).

We finally made it to Costco which had the shortest lines ever which was nice. I spent more money there than I should have and we went home.

I only got one load of laundry done today and my plan was to do about 4. I sat in front of the TV and caught up with all the shows I missed while in Chicago. I also bought UP and Star Trek so there will be some movie watching in the near future although Russ has this weird thing where he does not like to watch movies he has already seen, so I wonder why I bother buying movies when he won’t watch them with me.

Anyway that is all I have for today. I go to get my arm looked at on Monday morning so hopefully it will be good news. I can function much better now but I still can’t lift or pull anything and forget opening jars, it hurts.

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I made a mistake

At the biggest solo conference of my working year I made a mistake. Actually I made several small ones and a big one.

And although I fixed it, it did not go unnoticed.

I’m upset with myself. My boss even told me that I was doing a good job and not to dwell but that she knew I would. She is a good boss. After my mistake we went shopping and to dinner, she quickly learned that shopping with me can mean dropping $100 in 30 minutes and we went to dinner and got back past my bed time and all was well.

And now that I have been through this once I know that next year things will be different.

But next year is far away and right now I feel like an idiot.

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