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And so the planning begins…

So far I have been engaged for 4 days and I have a tentative venue, a tentative caterer, and a tentative photographer.

Our site visit at the venue is on the 6th and then things should start to firm up. As of right now we are looking at a wedding date of November 13th, 2010 which equals 288 days to plan.

Budget: I am trying my best to whittle down the budget but my family keeps insisting on inviting family members I barely know. The guest list is currently a little under 200.

Invitations: Russ and I think that we want to do an Evite instead of invitations for most people and a formal invitation to the older relatives who will expect them, my mom did not seem to like this idea. I found a set at Michael’s that I like. I’m going to go sometime this weekend to take a look.

Reception: Also I do not plan to have a formal sit down dinner or a separate ceremony. As of right now I think we will ask everyone to sit down at the tables while we get married and then party can begin. Since both Russ and my dad hate the traditional flow of a wedding with scheduled dances, cake cutting, and bouquet tosses, I need to keep this stuff to a minimum.

The Dress: The style of dress I want is hard to find. I really want a dress with ¾ length sleeves,(it’s going to be November and I like the way they look on me) I also think I want to wear silver instead of true white, and I want it simple with very little frill. All that, makes my ideal dress a bit hard to find.

I started dieting a few weeks ago and so far I have had no luck, this week I started back up at the gym, and I have begun taking Alli, if none of this works and I am the same size I am today when I get married I will not be a very skinny bride which is ok but I am very well endowed and a strapless gown (which seems to be the norm these days) is not an option and I’m not a huge fan of my arms either.

I wish I could just borrow someone else’s gown because for a free gown I would forgo being picky about the design for the most part. But I’m not sure how many people would be willing to lend out their wedding dresses especially if alterations need to be made. I think most women have this idea that their daughters will wear their dress and that’s usually not the case, but it makes it hard for many women to part with their dresses. It kills me that some women spend upwards of $2000 on a dress they will wear for 5 hours.

So I will probably go try stuff on at a bridal consignment shop in MD sometime soon and if that does not work I have a friend who is willing to make it.

More to come…


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Drum Roll Please….I’m ENGAGED!

On Monday night I went to dinner with a friend of mine who recently got engaged.

At dinner she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and I accepted. We spent some time talking about wedding plans and I went home and started discussing these plans with Russ. I turned on my laptop and started to look at the menus for the hotel she was thinking of using.

I turned to Russ and sais something like ”you know sweetie, I think when you decided it’s time to get me a ring I would like to come and help you pick it out” he started laughing so I started laughing and said “unless you already have it” he went up stairs and came down with a little box. He asked me to remove the laptop from my lap and then got on one knee and asked me to marry him. HOLY CRAP! I cried hysterically for about 15 minutes all the while hugging and kissing him, and somewhere in there I said “YES!”

(let me just say I LOVE MY RING! i told him i wanted a band instead of a solitaire and i think he did an excellent job. you should see it sparkle. i will most likely not buy another ring and just wear this one.)

A few minutes later my mom called “hello?” “Are you ok? You sound upset” “oh I’m ok; Russ and I just got engaged!” “OMG I have to tell your father!” Russ is hearing this and says “he already knows, I asked him yesterday.”

I tried to take a picture of my ring with my phone but I would not work so I asked if we could go to my parents house for a bit so I could show my mom my ring. Luckily they live 1.3 miles away.

When we got there my youngest brother said he felt like the room was spinning and my mom was super excited and my dad, who informed me he had already seen my ring, was ready to start planning.

We had champagne, I called everyone, and then we went home. I did not sleep at all and my stomach was in knots from all the excitement.

Yesterday I hardly ate, I could not really function at work, I went to the gym, and then got a pedicure with the Domestic Empress who is one of my maid’s of honor. Last night I finally slept.

Let the planning begin!


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It’s that time of year again?

The last two years in a row I have had terrible birthdays. I spent my 2008 birthday crying and yelling at my dad and my 2009 birthday I was so stressed out by my terrible job that I was depressed and angry that entire week.

So this year I am turning the big 25 and i am not freaking out about work (because I love my job) and I have dinner reservations at Acadiana for the day after my birthday with my family and Russ. I have been wanting to go to Acadiana since 2008 so I’m excited to finally go.

So far 3 of my close girl friends have asked me what I am doing for my birthday. And other than going to dinner with the fam I seriously have no plans. One suggested we have a party, but it was more like “why don’t you throw a party?” if someone wants to throw me a party that is cool, but I am not going to spend my week stressing out about the house being clean and stocking up on party decorations and food and drinks. It’s my birthday and forgive me but I don’t want to clean house. So I’m not exactly sure what to tell people when they ask what my plans are. As of right now I’m going to work all day, go home, and chill. But that could change I guess.

I wonder what Feb 5th will bring this year?

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Dallas, DC, NYC, and stuff

Last week I was out of town for 4 days attending the PCMA (professional convention management association) annual meeting in Dallas. It was a great conference and I have plenty of experiences I will share with you later.

But just to give you a taste of how nerdy meeting planners can be please watch the Face to Face Meetings song. Cracks me up.

After Dallas I was home for two days before driving to NYC for the weekend. We got detoured off the turnpike to 295 after an hour in traffic and finally made it to NYC after 1am on sat morning.

We pretty much ate our way through NYC. We had pizza, bagels, Mac and cheese at Pinch and S’mac and had Ethiopian for dinner at Queen of Sheba.

Since Monday was a holiday I slept in and then caught up on my blog reading.

Let’s Entertain had posted about a chicken tortilla soup (she got it from Food Network) that looked great, so I decided I would make it that night. I spent the rest of the day reading at Barns & Noble (definitely my favorite way to spend a day off) and that evening I went to the store and got everything I needed to make the soup. The recipe was super easy and tasted great. I highly recommend it. I paired it with a side salad; I added fresh cilantro and avocado to it. What a great dinner.

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Foot Candy

Did I run all my readers off with yesterdays post? I guess we will see.

In other news, last weekend I bought these…

YAY for foot candy!

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Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely – Lord Acton

So I was at lunch with my Mom and we were talking about politics. I generally stay away from the topic but we were discussing the above quote and it’s correlation to career politicians.

I would like to live in a world where politicians only hold office for 5 years or so and then they have to go back to their original career path. This way you always have new ideas and fresh blood. I’m tired of 80 year old congress men who can barely speak, their ideas are old and quite often they can be bought. The world is moving quickly and we need new ideas to survive as a nation.

Also, while on the subject I also want to point out that socialized medicine actually sucks and for those of you who think it might be a good idea I urge you to educate yourself on the tragedies that have occurred in other countries participating in socialized medicine.

Below I have listed actual newspaper headlines from Britain…

And those are only a fraction of the crazy headlines that can be read HERE.

And while I’m on my soap box I just came from a four day conference where I attended several sessions on Green Meetings. For the record I knew global warming was crap, climate change is a farce, and this whole going green trend is retarded.

The only thing I like about green initiatives when it comes to meetings is that you support the local community where your meeting is being held by using local produce. Also please note that we are currently going into a small ice age which has naturally occurred throughout history and is no cause for alarm. The planet has been through thousands of climate changes and has adapted very well, it’s us humans who have problems with change.

That is all, carry on.

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I was watching a movie with my mother the other day and it showed this bridge…
I can’t remember the name of the movie but the characters called it London Bridge.
That is a picture of TOWER BRIDGE!
The following is a picture of London Bridge

As you can see they are VERY different.
Please educate yourselves so you don’t sound stupid.
Thank you, that is all.
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