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General Life Update

Lately I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus. I have started several posts and never seem to finish them. The last few days I have felt really crappy. I think it’s probably allergies and the change of season.

On Saturday I went to Winchester to see some of the members of The Popular Outcasts do stand up comedy. It was a great night. They even had to turn people away.

Tonight one of The Popular Outcasts, Rachel Thayer will be performing at in Vienna, VA. I will be there so please come join us.

I have been busy with wedding plans. We have officially signed with a venue and our date is Oct 30th 2010. Fingers crossed now that the weather will be nice for an outside ceremony. I have made my own head piece for the wedding and am now working on a necklace. I will post pictures soon.

This week I have been on a cooking kick. I have made garlic and thyme roasted tomatoes, pretzel crusted chicken with a mustard cheese sauce and ginger lime chicken with avocado salad. Tonight I’m going out to dinner but tomorrow I’m thinking of making homemade baked corn dogs. We will see how that goes.

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Ankle Update

This is what my Ankle looked like two days after i sprained it. it still looks like this, perhaps a bit faded. i am on my feet again, i’m limping for sure but at least i’m off the crutches.

i am still wearing a brace or splint almost 24 hours a day but it should be back to normal soon.


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So today began like most other days. i went to work, i had my daily 10:30 meeting, and then my boss and i had a 1pm lunch meeting. so when she got out of her 11:30 meeting we got in her car, drove to the town center, parked, and walked down the two flights of stairs in the parking garage and on the last step i sprained my ankle.
People i saw stars and thought i was going to pass out.
Thank god a security guard saw what happened and called for an ice pack and water. they took down my info, my boss told the person we were meeting that we would not make it and then she drove the car around to pick me up and take me to the hospital
This is what it looked like almost immediately…

so after 4.5 hours at the hospital (3 of which with my boss) i finally got an x-ray was told it was just sprained (which i knew) and was given a splint and crutches.

i have sprained this same ankle several times. i have very little strength in it and the Dr’s keep telling me i just need to break it for it to heal correctly.
i am not stuck on the couch, Russ is at band practice. i have a computer, a book, TV, and pillows, but i still feel stranded.
this sucks. 😦

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To Nook, or not to Nook, that is the question.

Remember those 2010 goals I set? Well I have accomplished very little in two months.

My goals for the year if you don’t remember were to spend less, loose weight, and read more.

Well so far I have probably spent more due to wedding stuff, I lost 4 lbs and quickly gained it back, but I have been reading. Nothing really notable or amazing but at least my stack is getting a bit shorter. I think I need to also try and finish all the books I started which is a feat in and of its own. I don’t like not finishing books, it’s weird.

Speaking of books I have been researching the Nook and the Kindle and am still so undecided. My library wall we had built in the basement is packed and I think I need to stop buying physical books.

There are some definite pros to both the Nook and the Kindle

The Nook: I spend a lot of time in Barns & Noble so the free book previews are great. You can lend books to other Nook users, and the screen is bigger than that of the Kindle and it’s a lot sleeker looking

The Kindle: is thinner, more user friendly, and has a browser which I love. I am also a huge fan of Amazon and I get Amazon points from my credit card which I can use towards purchasing the kindle and buying e-books

Which would you choose?


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RIP Dana

Last night I got a message from my old boss at Curves. One of my old co-workers had died. She was 25 years old.

Her Name was Dana, and she was loved. She had Addison’s Disease which made her sick quite often and caused a simple stomach flu to take her life.

You can see her obituary HERE

I went to the service and met up with my old boss, manager, and two curves customers who loved her. The service was short. We cried. We told her mother how great she was and then I went back to work.

But I keep thinking about something I heard, that the current owner of the Herndon/ Reston Curves locations refused to give her health insurance and finally fired her for no good reason. Her mother told us she missed working at Curves a lot.

When I worked at Curves it was a family, a gathering of women who loved each other and this new owner has turned it into nothing more than a business. This makes me sad and angry. Had Dana had insurance she may have checked herself into the hospital sooner.

“The soul takes flight to the world that is invisible. But there arriving she is sure of bliss, and forever dwells in paradise.” – Plato

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