A wonderful end to the weekend

12 Apr
Last night the guys decided that band practice would be outside. They spent half the afternoon bringing all the equipment outside. When the music started the neighbors came out to listen. The backyard wall full of neighbors sitting in lawn chairs and watching their kids play. Surrounding neighbors watched from their decks and yelled song requests.

The White Hot is preparing for their final show which will be Friday, April 30th at Bangkok Blues in Falls Church, 10:00pm-1:30am. Their singer Todd is being sent to Baghdad until November and by the time he returns the drummer (my brother) will most likely be away at school.
(The White Hot: My Dad on bass, my brothers on guitar and drums, my fiancé on lead guitar, and their singer Todd)

The outdoor practice went so well that even the police made an appearance. Apparently someone called to complain but did not leave a name. When the police arrived the neighbors all told them that they did not want the band to stop. so they told the band to end by dark, sat down to watch for a bit, and then left.

The neighbors have decided that before Todd leaves there will need to be a backyard blowout with several Bar-B-Q’s going and the band playing and all the neighbors. I’m in!

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