Wedding Hiccup’s

15 Jul

I have a friend who owns  a salon and I was planning on having my hair and makeup done there until yesterday when I e-mailed her and I found out that she sold it, and now I have to start thinking about hair and make up. I looked at Red Door Spa and they are $360 for the hair/make up trial and the day of. For a girl who gets a $15 hair cut at Hair Cuttery, I think $360 is a bit much.

Am I crazy to think that?  Does anyone know a good place in Northern Virginia for wedding hair/makeup?

Also I just got my flower proposal and its a few hundred dollars shy of 3k. I think that’s exorbitant. Especially when the centerpiece picture I sent her was priced at $42.95 at another florist and she quoted me $75 for the same thing.

A co-worker who got married last year says she has at least 10 candelabras that I can borrow. She says they are antique white and that she will bring me one so I can practice decorating them. I hope they work out. If they do I can probably cut my proposal in half.

Wish me luck!

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Posted by on July 15, 2010 in Wedding


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