From Bad to Worse

16 Jul

So if yesterday I thought I was having wedding hiccups, now I realize it was sorely mistaken.

Last night on a whim I decided to swing by my parent’s house, I wanted to drop something off to my brother and I needed to get out of the house.

I sat and talked to my dad for awhile (my mom is currently in Florida taking care of her parents) and then I went to see my brother.

And that’s when he told me that my parents are bringing my grandparents to live with them. When I asked my dad about it he said he thought I knew.


My Dad’s dad already lives with my parents and my step grandfather lives a mile down the road in an assisted living facility.

So now my 3 surviving grandparents are going to all live in a house with my parents, two brothers, and the dog.

To make matters worse my mom’s Dad has Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s, he also just had knee surgery and can’t walk.

My grandmother is overbearing, hardheaded, and suffering for anxiety. She has also lost her ability to speak English and has reverted back to her native Spanish.

Because my grandfather cannot walk, my parents are giving up their bedroom to them and moving into my mom’s office.

My parents are now responsible for 4 older persons, 2 teens (one of which is going to college), and they are paying for my wedding.

I feel terrible.

And as hard as I try not to be, I’m being a bit selfish. I wanted to get ready for my wedding in my parents bedroom. It’s the only place all my attendants, my mom, and my photographer can fit. It’s also the only time I can be with my dog on my wedding day and it has a picture of my parents on their wedding day on the wall. Now that room is going to have my grandfather’s hospital bed in it so I need to find a place to get ready. All those people don’t fit in my bedroom.

I was also really upset that my grandparents would not be able to come to the wedding from Florida, and I thought that maybe the one good thing about having them here is that they could come to the wedding. Well my dad squashed that dream. He says there is no way they will be able to come in the condition they are in now. And that some family member will have to stay with them and watch them on the day of the wedding.

Now I’m thinking this wedding may be a mistake, the timing is off; I should just marry Russ at the courthouse. But the contracts are signed and the dresses are ordered and there is no going back.

And so last night I cried myself to sleep in Russ’s arms because nothing ever goes as planned, my grandparents are withering, the rest of my family members won’t step up to the plate and it makes me sad.

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Posted by on July 16, 2010 in Family, Wedding


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