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Shopping Hell

I have no idea how i’m going to accomplish buying 11 birthday presents and doing all my Christmas shopping between now and Thanksgiving.

Why do i need to do this you ask? because the day after thanksgiving i always leave on a business trip and when i get back a week later i have one day for laundry and then i’m off on my honeymoon and when i return Christmas will be a week away.

Holy crap!

Don’t get me wrong. I love to shop. but this task has me overwhelmed.

So please if you are my friend and have a birthday between now and December, or you think i might buy you a Christmas gift, for the love of Santa please tell me what you want.

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I love him

BUT if he leaves used frying pans on the stove, dishes in the sink, and curry sauce on my newly cleaned counters i might have to kill him.

On the cleaning front I have not found time to tackle the guest room but the basement is almost done.

I wanted to clean today but all i have time for tonight is Zumba and then i’m off to Friday Night Live.


If you have not been watching The Pillars of the Earth on Starz or Netflix you are truly missing out. The last 2 episodes are tonight so by tomorrow all 8 will be on netflix.  I highly recommend it.


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the cleaning continues…

I wish i had taken before and after pictures of my kitchen because it looks like a cleaning crew descended.

But i wanted to show you what i bought on sale at The Container Store. I had so much stuff taking space on my counters and not enough space for cook books. and now it’s all neatly organized.

I love the way it turned out.

My next project is the guest room.  I have been throwing all my crap in there lately and hopefully it will be beautiful by the weekend.  I’m on a roll and hopefully i won’t run out of steam until my house is spotless.

I know, i still can’t believe it myself.

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68 days and counting

We have 68 days till the wedding and so far it’s smooth sailing.

I have a meeting with my venue next weekend, we are almost decided on a rehearsal dinner spot, and the only thing i really need is a hair salon.

Other than that i am still on a cleaning spree for no reason.  My closet is immaculate and even the kitchen cabinets are organized.  Now i just need to clean all the stuff that people can actually see.

I have been going to the gym and working out religiously at least twice a week and there is no movement on the scale.  i need to pick a third day and stick to it.

Also i am not into Weight Watchers at all and think my weigh in on thursday is going to suck.

So far this week my brain is  on vacation and work just seems to drag on. I would be so productive working from home. I could do laundry and answer e-mails at the same time.  Maybe next year things will be different.

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I have a need…

to clean?

last night i went upstairs to go to bed and instead cleaned my room for over an hour.

I purged old makeup and realized i have an entire box of just eye makeup and can’t seem to find any blush.

I cleaned out purses and luggage and stuffed the luggage with the purses and bags.

I moved dresses i never wear to the guest room and added to the heap of clothes on the floor that needs to be mended or dry cleaned.

And all day at work all i have wanted was to go home and keep cleaning. If you knew me you would know how weird this is.

I even went home for lunch and set a load of laundry, and i have more plans to clean and do laundry between the time i get home and the time i have to leave for Zumba.

What the hell is wrong with me?

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Weight Watchers

Today was my first real Weight Watchers meeting, and I had to miss it because I had another meeting (weight watchers comes to my office)

I’m sure the lady made some kind of awe inspiring speech about how amazing the program is but since I missed it all I have to go on is the paper work and booklet I was given.

I’m not sure Weight Watchers is for me.

After looking through the guide I have several observations…

  • Calorie counting is easier.
  • I don’t like how much processed food it encouraged.
  • I’m not going to eat margarine and fat free milk just because they have less fat. They are not good for you.
  • Who the hell is going to eat jicama as a snack? I think these people are off their rocker if they think I’m going to sit on my sofa and snack on jicama.
  • And lastly there is no way I’m going to wake up in the morning and make an omelet. I’m a coffee and dry cereal or yogurt kind of girl and only after checking my e-mail. I’m not going to wake up extra early to cook in the mornings.

So I will go to the meetings when I can (I have 3 work meetings during the next 6 WW meetings) and see what happens, but I’m not making any promises.

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I have a secret addiction…

to Michaels Arts and Crafts.

I go to Michaels at least once a week after work and often on the weekends.

I buy things i don’t need, start projects i wont finish, and spend an insane amount of time at this store.

I have no idea why. Half the time i don’t even find what i need/want.

I think I still really need a hobby. I REALLY want to start taking floral arranging classes but they are expensive, at night, and far away. Maybe i’ll do it after the wedding. They have a certificate program that i think i’m going to take.

We shall see what happens.

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