Not fun

12 Aug

So yesterday I mailed out 91 wedding invitations. I have about 6 to go. That’s the upside to my week.

For some reason after dance class last night the side of my foot started hurting and it still does.

I also came home to find out that my dentist does not participate in my insurance and that my routine cleaning cost me $100.

Tomorrow I go in to have a wisdom tooth removed which is going to cost me 10% + a $50 deductable. Fun. To make it better since its only one tooth they are not going to knock me out and instead just use a local. Even better.

And to top it all off my lady time is coming and scheduled to hit tomorrow. Great! (TMI I know)

Lastly tonight at 11:30ish my grandparents fly into IAD to come live with my parents. It’s going to be a total mess.

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