Weight Watchers

19 Aug

Today was my first real Weight Watchers meeting, and I had to miss it because I had another meeting (weight watchers comes to my office)

I’m sure the lady made some kind of awe inspiring speech about how amazing the program is but since I missed it all I have to go on is the paper work and booklet I was given.

I’m not sure Weight Watchers is for me.

After looking through the guide I have several observations…

  • Calorie counting is easier.
  • I don’t like how much processed food it encouraged.
  • I’m not going to eat margarine and fat free milk just because they have less fat. They are not good for you.
  • Who the hell is going to eat jicama as a snack? I think these people are off their rocker if they think I’m going to sit on my sofa and snack on jicama.
  • And lastly there is no way I’m going to wake up in the morning and make an omelet. I’m a coffee and dry cereal or yogurt kind of girl and only after checking my e-mail. I’m not going to wake up extra early to cook in the mornings.

So I will go to the meetings when I can (I have 3 work meetings during the next 6 WW meetings) and see what happens, but I’m not making any promises.

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