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life update

Well this weekend was my super awesome bridal shower complete with Mad Hatter Tea Party theme! there were lots of hats and tea and cute china and amazing friends and family.

I will share pictures when i have them.

I also got some awesome gifts and can’t wait to use all of them. I used my new wok and Cutco knife for dinner last night. I need an excuse to use my new glass drink dispenser, and i want to make some awesome pasta to fill my white pasta bowl. I got so much stuff for cooking and drinking. These ladies know me well.

Tonight i’m off to the movies for $5 Tuesday to see Easy A. I hear it’s funny and it should be a nice way to spend the night.

On Friday night i’m going to see MAE it’s a play about what happens when Mae West comes back from the grave to school an unsuccessful Mae West impersonator. should be fun. The best part is that my High School theater teacher is acting in the show.

And on Saturday i will most likely be at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Saturday should have been Baby Ryan’s first birthday so i will be celebrating his short life with the people who loved him most.


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Top Post

Anyone else have a really weird Top Post for your blog?

For me it’s a short rant about an ex co-worker. The post was called Soap Box and I think it’s so funny that from all the posts I have written it is my most read.

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I want this!

Someone tell Russ it would make a great wedding present. *wink*

That is all.

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9…10…never sleep again.

If you knew me you would know that I suffer from chronic nightmares.

Last night I did not sleep well at all. I spent half the night having nightmares and the other half awake. I tossed and turned and could not get comfortable.

When I woke up I was so terrified from the nightmares that I locked myself in the bathroom while I showered.

I’m not sure if it’s from anxiety or lack of sleep but every time I breathe in a spot in my chest hurts a lot.

It also does not help that it happens to be the 13th and the morning was shrouded by a dense fog, it’s like a horror movie waiting to happen.

So I am starting my week exhausted, terrified to go home, and not feeling well.

What a great start to the week.

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So after loving The Hunger Games and Catching Fire i’m not sure what to say or think about Mockingjay.

The book was not what i expected and the ending was definitely not what i expected.

Perhaps it needs another read. but i was expecting to be content with the ending, and instead i was tired, and worn down, and sad.  That very well  may have been what the author wanted to portray with the ending, but i never imagined that ending for the main characters i loved so much.

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oh mom!

So in the past few days my Mom has made some crazy suggestions about the wedding.

Including that i need a horse drawn carriage and a fountain as a back drop for the ceremony.

My reaction to both suggestions was laughter, and after that i could not get the gecian urn sceen from The Music Man out of my head.

“One Grecian urn, two Grecian urn, and a fountain trickle, trickle, trickle.

And it seems to be spreading because my aunt suggested that she could make the centerpeices for the tables, all of which she would have fish swimming in. no joke.

Did your family members make any crazy suggestions about your wedding?


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