Old people make me laugh

12 Oct

So my grandparents have been in town for over a month and I have witnessed some amazingly funny things lately…


My grandmother decided since we were out of parmesan cheese to add ranch dressing to her Fettuccini Alfredo.


My grandfather has very vivid nightmares where he screams “kill the devil” in Spanish and hacks at the air with his hand.


My grandfather also has Parkinson’s so he shakes a bit, and when eating his fork taps the plate and goes ting, ting, ting, ting.


My grandmother is crazy and washes paper plates and puts them in the drying rack.


The two of them will sit and watch a Yankees game and a half hour later sit in front of the TV waiting for the game to start, not remembering they just watched it.


My grandmother finds cutting things with a fork and knife tedious so she used scissors to cut her salad and steak.


They both forget that they already got a glass of water so they just take out a new one until the house is littered with half empty glasses of water and there are no more glasses left in the cabinet.


Do your grandparents do crazy thing s too?


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