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For the love of Money

It is Day 3 of the Summer Spending Challenge. I have been joined in my challenge by the lovely Kate at So far in 3 days I have not spent one dime. I have been craving Starbucks, bagels, and frozen yogurt but I have not given in to the pressure yet. Actually I have not even had a chance to go pull my cash for the challenge out of the bank. I did try to be good and put library books on hold (which if you knew me you would know i am not a library kinda girl) but they said i had an outstanding balance for over a year which is only like $.80 but when i tried to pay it last time the machines were down and now i can’t check anything out. ugh!

As of tomorrow we will have 96 days left in the challenge, which for me is the hardest part. I am grateful that my vacation is almost in the middle of the challenge and i have a business trip to break up each half of the challenge which is great cause i can eat out on the company dime!  My challenge spread sheet is working great and i’m even keeping track of what i am eating on it. Perhaps this summer i will get skinnier and my wallet will get fatter.

All my shows are starting to wind down which is bad because that means my evenings will be wide open so i am hoping to find some good summer shows. My new favorite show is The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the Food Chanel. I am patiently waiting for True Blood and Dexter to come back, but until then what are all of you watching this summer?





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