But could still go either way. T minus 9 days and counting.

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The weather is shifting.  THIS IS NOT GOOD!

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Rain or Shine?

This is what is currently showing  for next week. My Wedding is the 30th.  I have been praying that it won’t rain or be too terribly cold but i have this sick feeling that it’s going to pour.  Yesterday the outlook was warmer with less rain and now it looks like a wet week.

I really do not want to move the wedding indoors but don’t want to make 150 people stand in the cold in the rain.

Fingers crossed that next weekend won’t be gross.


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sick and tired

So this week i have been sick. I have a sore throat and a cough and i’m insanely tired.

Oddly enough i have been weirdly productive at work. which kinda blows my mind.

My problem is i spent the whole week working my ass off and then going home and sleeping.

I’ve been an antisocial couch potato, and i miss people, but i don’t want to get anyone sick and i’m not really up for going out.

I have watched all kinds of stuff on Netflix, the best of which was Young Victoria, and now i’m bored and lonely.

Maybe tomorrow will be better?



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Old people make me laugh

So my grandparents have been in town for over a month and I have witnessed some amazingly funny things lately…


My grandmother decided since we were out of parmesan cheese to add ranch dressing to her Fettuccini Alfredo.


My grandfather has very vivid nightmares where he screams “kill the devil” in Spanish and hacks at the air with his hand.


My grandfather also has Parkinson’s so he shakes a bit, and when eating his fork taps the plate and goes ting, ting, ting, ting.


My grandmother is crazy and washes paper plates and puts them in the drying rack.


The two of them will sit and watch a Yankees game and a half hour later sit in front of the TV waiting for the game to start, not remembering they just watched it.


My grandmother finds cutting things with a fork and knife tedious so she used scissors to cut her salad and steak.


They both forget that they already got a glass of water so they just take out a new one until the house is littered with half empty glasses of water and there are no more glasses left in the cabinet.


Do your grandparents do crazy thing s too?


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Crying my way through the week

So this week has pretty much sucked.  Sometimes I feel like I should change the name of my blog to The Suck Blog because I always feel like such a Debbie Downer, but I digress.

The week started with a crappy review from my boss on Monday, very little of which had to do with anything related to meeting planning.

So naturally I was upset all day and came home and cried about it.

Tuesday I was still upset and I spent the day angry.

That night I had to spend the night in a hotel in Silver Spring and paranoid about the bedbug epidemic I checked the mattress but I was so paranoid I itched for 3 days (I’m crazy I know) I know the bed did not have bedbugs because Russ was not having the same problem.

On Thursday morning I woke up crying because I had had a dream that Russ had died. I was a mess all day and thought things could not get worse.

I was wrong.

On Thursday nights I always go to a friend’s house to watch Project Runway. So I left the house ran to CVS to pick up a prescription and ran back out to my car in the pouring rain to go to my friends house one block away. Leaving the parking lot my car stopped in an intersection and there it stayed. No manner of turning the key would fix it and I could barely turn the wheel or shift from park to neutral. Finally some guy came to help me and we pushed the car back enough to get it out of the intersection.

I called Russ who poor thing was in the middle of an audition for a new guitarist for the band. He and my dad came to help me and we pushed it into a parking space but then my dad yelled at me when I told him to drop me off at my friends house in stead of driving 4 more blocks to drop me off at home. He pulled up to the gate at her apartment complex and because he was yelling at me I told them to just go and I walked in the rain to her apartment. Why I got yelled out for something that was totally not my fault is beyond me.

When I got to my friends house I was wet, crying, and needed a drink.

Tonight I’m supposed to be kidnapped by my bridal party for dinner and a weekend in an undisclosed location and I really hope it gets me out of this funk. I’ve been on the verge of tears for days.

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention that this mess all started on Saturday morning when i woke up to find my credit card had been compromised. So i have been waiting all week to get it back and although they said i would have it on Tuesday, it’s Friday and still no credit card.  It better be at home when i get there or i am going to be pissed.  A whole weekend out of town with no credit card in NOT COOL!

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life update

Well this weekend was my super awesome bridal shower complete with Mad Hatter Tea Party theme! there were lots of hats and tea and cute china and amazing friends and family.

I will share pictures when i have them.

I also got some awesome gifts and can’t wait to use all of them. I used my new wok and Cutco knife for dinner last night. I need an excuse to use my new glass drink dispenser, and i want to make some awesome pasta to fill my white pasta bowl. I got so much stuff for cooking and drinking. These ladies know me well.

Tonight i’m off to the movies for $5 Tuesday to see Easy A. I hear it’s funny and it should be a nice way to spend the night.

On Friday night i’m going to see MAE it’s a play about what happens when Mae West comes back from the grave to school an unsuccessful Mae West impersonator. should be fun. The best part is that my High School theater teacher is acting in the show.

And on Saturday i will most likely be at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Saturday should have been Baby Ryan’s first birthday so i will be celebrating his short life with the people who loved him most.


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