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A Question.

OK i’m back. Not sure for how long i’m still not really in the blogging mood but i have a question.

What would you go back and tell your 18 year old self when graduating high school, and your 22 year old self when graduating college about money and finances? what do you wish your parents would have told you?

I know it’s random but i’m truly curious what you would go back and tell yourself. i read an article awhile ago that said that parents are more comfortable speaking to there kids about sex than about money and i think thats really sad.

I am so glad my parents taught me about money at an early age and will be eternally grateful to them.



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on hiatus

well…i’m married, and have been for one month today. people keep asking me if it’s different and the truth is, no. we have lived together for several years and i already felt married. it’s nice that it’s legal though.

i have been in chicago since sat and will be here for another 2 days. i’m so ready to get home.

on Sunday i leave on my honeymoon and will be spending my week on a beach drinking margaritas with my husband. i’m very excited.

that is all for now.

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Blogs i’m loving

Lately i have found a few new blogs that i have to share.

First up is A Veggie Venture, now i am NOT a vegetarian, but i was getting lazy when it came to veggie side dishes. i will most likely be making a veggie venture side of Brussels sprouts tonight. i am very excited.

Also i am totally in love with Joy the Baker, i found her while looking for a bacon waffles recipe, i’m going to try them on Friday morning i think.

And for something totally different try Fabulously Broke in the City, although i am not nearly as frugal or minimalistic as she is i love a girl who knows how handle her money.

Not in the mood to read another blog? i just watched Bottle Shock on Netflix and enjoyed it, but maybe it was because i spent my whole day at a winery and had grapes on the brain.


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If things stay this way we are golden!


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But could still go either way. T minus 9 days and counting.

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Rain or Shine?

This is what is currently showing  for next week. My Wedding is the 30th.  I have been praying that it won’t rain or be too terribly cold but i have this sick feeling that it’s going to pour.  Yesterday the outlook was warmer with less rain and now it looks like a wet week.

I really do not want to move the wedding indoors but don’t want to make 150 people stand in the cold in the rain.

Fingers crossed that next weekend won’t be gross.


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sick and tired

So this week i have been sick. I have a sore throat and a cough and i’m insanely tired.

Oddly enough i have been weirdly productive at work. which kinda blows my mind.

My problem is i spent the whole week working my ass off and then going home and sleeping.

I’ve been an antisocial couch potato, and i miss people, but i don’t want to get anyone sick and i’m not really up for going out.

I have watched all kinds of stuff on Netflix, the best of which was Young Victoria, and now i’m bored and lonely.

Maybe tomorrow will be better?



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